Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lawyer statement to Geylang Checker

"Its not unlawful to take pictures of people in common public places"


  1. Pray you do not receive a law suit from those whom pictures you had taken and posted in this website. After all you are insinuating that the pictures of these men and vehicles snapped there, are all visiting GL for the sole purpose of engaging in prostitutes. Less you forget there are also those who runs legitimate businesses there.

  2. Yes, it is not unlawful to take pictures of people in COMMON PUBLIC PLACES. But the use of such pictures after they are taken, especially for publication in a website and or magazine, books, without the due consent of the person in the picture constitute infringement of privacy and if harassment or other undesirable actions occur due to the exposed and or publicized photo, the publisher/exposer can be sued in a court of law. DO TAKE NOTE.

  3. 3 comments from a 39 year old:
    - Men are from Mars and Women are not...thats fact!
    - If your man (or now ex)was happy with what he got in the bedroom while with you (and for that u would have to let go of a lot of inhibitions), I guarantee he would not have sought good service in Geylang to feel whatever he should have felt with you! Sorry to break your heart hon!
    - You should probably move on as men have been going to pros since the beginning of time... probably keeps them somehow sane/balanced/ ... and some women don't mind (surprising but true!)

  4. So does that mean a man can take pictures of girls wearing almost nothing to imagination (not un-common here)if these girls are in public places? (movies, trains, buses, walking on road, etc..)


  5. i want to marry the founder of geylang checker lol