Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Plead for Financial Help

Hi all, recently over the series of reporting by fm98.7, Lian He Wan Bao, Strait times and the New Paper, Geylang Checker has received much attention over this period of time.

For those whom have sent private emails to me, thanking us for the effort, we are glad that we are being appreciated.

Right now, Geylang Checker will be making a comeback soon. We have recruited new girls and ladies to take up the uphill task of taking photographs of the men. But we face some financial issues with equipments and miscellaneous fees. With a bold heart again, i encourage more people to click on the donate(paypal) button to donate any amount of financial aids.

Up to now, 43 ladies have already donated amounts that show the appreciation, as promised, the anonymity is guaranteed, your details will not be revealed.

Really need the help of you all again.

Thank you.


Founder (Geylang Checker)

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  1. Fuck, eventually this is beggar site.
    good luck to you