Monday, August 2, 2010

Guy Number 2 + Car Number1


  1. There is nothing to prove that the guys in your photos are doing something illegal and you could be sued for defamation.
    I suggest you seek medical treatment and refrain from advising people to email you because innocent people could be hurt.
    I believe you are doing this to avenge the betrayal and hurt which you encountered. If you don't stop and let go of the hurt you felt, you will end up more hurt and paranoid.

  2. LOL I remember this street. I always pass by this street when I go to Pu Ji Shi Buddhist Research Centre. - Wing Bliss

  3. I just found this website recently.

    It's weird that you guys take images off Google Maps and claim them as your own.

    "Reported by Team B"?? Wow, I didn't know Google worked under you people.

    And if anyone thinks I'm kidding please go Google: Geylang Lorong [a number of your choosing] and click Maps. Zoom in to the street view. And check how the images, the blurring of the faces and car plates are the same as those posted on this website.

    And to further prove my point, "your" photos are captured from the middle of the road and from a high point and not eye level. Why is this so? Well, because the Google Map Vehicle that goes around capturing images looks like THIS:

    You guys talk about honesty and integrity. Well, here's your chance to set an example. I await your response.

  4. They are not honest and just want people to donate money for their extra income.